The Playful Soul has Joyfully been Adopted!

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I am deliciously delighted to introduce you to the new dynamic, creative, passionate, soulful and very happy owners of The Playful Soul…
Erik Witter & Kristin Okeley!

After months of soul searching, I decided to offer The Playful Soul up for adoption. My spirit had become restless and began calling me into a place of deeper soulful exploration and expression. The Playful Soul was ready to soar into its’ next greater expression and so was I. However, I knew I had taken The Playful Soul as far as I could…and there was so much more yet to be born! So on Leap Day with trembling hands, I hit the send button on my computer and on the wings of angels my intention flew.

A Match Made in Heaven

The Universe flawlessly orchestrated the crossing of paths of friends in the most Divine ways. Erik & Kristin had decided to open a community based spiritual center and a mutual friend of ours happened to bump into them after my announcement. We found ourselves at dinner a week after my announcement and the playful soul was lovingly spoken for! Their astrologer gave us two potential dates for the official transaction and on this past Saturday, May 7th with the New Moon in full force, The Playful Soul was adopted and is now in the very capable, inspired, soulful, loving, creative and jazzed hands of this couple and we all could not be happier! My heart is so deeply grateful!


erik and kristinKristin is the owner and lead designer of the exquisite and acclaimed Kitchens by Design in Indianapolis. Erik is an entrepreneur as well as a very gifted songwriter and composer of conscious music. Together they powerfully anchor the masculine and feminine energies for our beloved Soul to grow and reach and touch even more souls! They have been busily and tirelessly working all weekend transforming and enriching The Playful Soul with new scrumtious merchandise and many many surprises you simply MUST come see! They plan to add more classes, more events, more Music, more services and more treats for the soul in the boutique! With these strong hearts and compassionate spirits at the helm, The Playful Soul will soar even higher! Please stop by and meet these darlings! They are so delighted to meet you and to continue building and deepening our community along with you!

Singing Our Soul Songs

The Playful Soul opened June 1st, 2010. We began very humbly with a small boutique in the cozy front room of our adored now purple house on Ferguson street. I would hang a little sign on the door and close for my Angel Therapy Sessions. It was the realization of a dream come true and they were the sweetest of days! In 2013, we expanded into the whole house now lovingly known as The Fairy Cottage. Our boutique doubled in size, we began offering classes & workshops, along with the varied services of multiple holistic therapists. It was all I dreamed and more! I had no idea when I began that we would host nationally known as well as internationally known authors, wayshowers, artists and more! My vision was to offer a loving place for us all to explore our consciousness, to discover who we really are, to touch the stardust of our own souls. We are just getting started!
I’ve always considered myself to be the Keeper of the Keys of this magical place. It has been a gorgeous journey filled with love, depth, happiness, FUN and incredible growth and transformation for me personally! I sang one of my truest Soul Songs by opening The Playful Soul and now I’m singing a new song by releasing it to this extraordinarily dynamic and darling couple, Erik & Kristin!
Hayley and I will be working closely with Kristin and Erik as we transition. I will continue to lead the Friday Bells for Peace meditation and see clients at The Playful Soul. My soul has been calling me deeper within for a couple of years. Now I will have the freedom to answer this most seductive invitation to dance with the Cosmos, to be her scribe and a brighter conduit for humanity. For now I am curious to see how She will use me. Shine On Sweet Ones! Shanti Shanti Shanti