Sara BrownsMy journey with yoga began 15 years ago. When the student is ready, the guru (teacher) will appear. I was blessed to find my guru, Fran Valentine. She skillfully guided me into a strong foundation and a dedication to my personal practice.

My curious nature led me to want more….a deepening of knowledge for this ancient philosophy. I dived into yoga teacher training at The Yoga Studio in 2014, with intentions for personal growth. The journey provided impactful tools to approach “life off of the mat” with more ease, less fear, and a new lense to see a way through with my breath as my guide.

Stepping into being the guru (teacher), has blessed me with sharing the knowledge with others. My teaching style continues to evolve and expand as I stay committed to being a student first. The space I create in a class is one of soft strength; holding safe space for getting curious with our bodies, minds, and breath; finding our own personal edge; breathing through discomfort with peace.

“Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.” River Phoenix