Nicoli Rena SinclairNicoli Rena Sinclair began her yoga practice in 2007 in the privacy of her home with a Kundalini Yoga DVD.  After establishing a strong home practice, in 2011 Nicoli decided to get certified in Vinyasa Yoga through the Three Sisters Yoga (TSY) 200/hr. Teacher Training. She started teaching right away at The Yoga Alliance and Bread and Yoga in NYC and specialized in Power Yoga because of its ability to offer both strength and flexibility.

In 2014 Nicoli received a scholarship invitation from TSY to deepen her studies in a selective independent study program that would lead to a 500/hr. yoga certification. Although the physical practice of yoga remained dear, after the 500-hour program Nicoli also became passionate about the philosophy and wisdom of yoga, often called Jnana Yoga or the Vedanta philosophy. Nicoli became a frequent visitor of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, an Ashram in PA and she traveled to Rishikesh, India to deepen her studies.

Today Nicoli’s yoga classes are taught so that students can fully experience yoga, starting with meditative asanas and strength building that lead to a sedative cooling period and ends with meditation and chants. These deeply rooted classes offer a variety of well-curated asanas coupled with deep spiritual practices that help students find their true power.