Mike CampMike has been teaching yoga for the last 15 years.  He discovered it when a neighbor loaned him him a DVD entitled “Yoga Basics”.  It didn’t take him long to fall in love with the warm stretches, soothing voices, challenging poses and the wonderful refreshed feeling after completing a class.

Soon after that he discovered various yoga studios and began taking classes on a regular basis. Teacher training with Nancy Schalk was next.  This provided the foundation from which he has taught ever since.  Every class focuses on encouraging appropriate edges for each practitioner,  warming muscles through slow vinyasa movement, utilizing drishti, conscious ujjayii breathing and engaging energy locks or bandhas.

Mike’s classes are eclectic; very few are the same.  They are also filled with his favorite music and occasional random attempts at humor, in an effort to keep the classes light.  He always provides guidelines for each student to explore the fullest expression of each asana with an understanding that each individual in the room is uniquely qualified to determine appropriate edges of their own and are responsible for taking care of themselves.  Each student is encouraged to rest when needed and to never push to the point of pain.  From time to time, finding an edge can be uncomfortable, or fatiguing, but it is never painful.

When Mike isn’t teaching classes he’s running his photography business, spending time with his wife, Patty and the rest of his family.  He loves live music, theater and playing his guitar.