Janet Montes | Playground Yoga

Playground Yoga

Every Thursday beginning October 18th | 11:30-12:30p



The Playground Yoga program is a one-hour class designed to strengthen and stretch the entire body, balance the nervous system  and improve body awareness. It will also encourage the development of communication and social skills, increase each student’s  ability to self-regulate, all while providing a fun and engaging experience!

This yoga class incorporates breathing, music,  yoga postures, relaxation and self-calming techniques, which benefit the whole student. These practices also help to promote  self-regulation, learning readiness and overall wellbeing.

Children 2 years and over are welcome to join!

* Children 3 years and younger must have parent/guardian in attendance, free of charge. 



About Janet Montes

Janet Phelps-Montes is a certified public school teacher who has spent 12 years teaching social and behavioral skills to students of all ages. She is also an experienced kid’s yoga instructor. She graduated The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Science in Special Education in 2005. Janet is a licensed Special Education teacher with 12 years of experience working with students with emotional, behavioral and/or cognitive challenges. Her focus during her career was using ABA therapy to teach social and behavioral skills. She is also an experienced kid’s yoga instructor.

In her classes she not only teaches yoga and meditation, but also uses her experience teaching social and behavioral skills to increase the student’s ability to access these calming techniques in real-world situations.

At this workshop she will teach students basic yoga concepts, vocabulary, poses, breathing, meditation, and self-soothing techniques. She maintains her student’s attention through storytelling. During this class students will be immersed into the animal world.



Recommended ages are 6-12, but older and younger students have participated in the past with great results. Please contact Janet directly to discuss age exceptions, or with general questions at indyplaygroundyoga@gmail.com