Self-Inquiry Meditation Circle feat. The Work of Byron Katie

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 Next Meditation Circle: Monday, November 11th @ 6pm

Join Qualified Helpline Facilitator, Laura Bobeck  in our Gathering Room for a conversation about the work of Byron Katie.

 .We invite you to slow down with yourself and join us in the simple and profound meditative experience of sitting in the four questions and turnarounds of The Work of Byron Katie.


At each MeetUp, we spend the majority of our time actually doing The Work so you can have the experience and take it with you. The Work is not therapy, philosophy, advice, or religion. It’s a way to tap into your own inner wisdom by identifying your stressful thoughts and questioning them and noticing what answers arise for you.

Experience the peace movement of self inquiry and untether your natural clarity and joy! You are welcome whether you are new or experienced to The Work.

I invite you to visit The Work website at and join us to experience TheWork for yourself.


For the love of inquiry,

Laura Bobeck
Qualified Helpline Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie

Personal Investment: 10.00 suggested donation
Call ahead or just drop on in!