Shannon Baun | Certified Reiki Master, Crystal Healing, and Reflexology

My wellness journey started about 16 years ago when I first started doing yoga. Yoga inspired me to be more aware of my habits and how it all relates with my body and emotions.  I became more in tune with the myself, more at peace and happier overall.  I enjoyed working as a YMCA certified swim instructor since 2010.  I had the privilage of starting a water yoga class there as well.  In 2013, I wanted to learn more about energy healing and other ways the body can heal and be optimized, that’s when I started to study Reiki healing. Reiki is the ancient Japanese method of Healing using Energy to Balance the Body and Mind.   0
I received my Reiki I and II certification in 2014 and became Reiki Master a year later.  Since then, I have been able to Integrate Crystal Healing sessions and Reflexology into my practice.  I use a variety of modalities to help transform pain and stress into Joy and Strength!  I am increidbly grateful to be helping others on their healing and wellness journey!

Benefits of Reiki:

-Releases Stress and Promotes Relaxation


-It Triggers the Bodies Natural Healing Abilities


-Cleanses the Body of Toxins


-Helps Increase Self Confidence, Compassion and Creativity


-Amplifies and Increases Energy Levels


Pricing information:

Reiki (add on Crystal Healing and Chakra Balance for $15.00 more)

30 minute session- $45.00
60 minute session- $85.00


30 minute session- $40
Shannon is available for appointments:

Tuesday & Wednesday – 12pm-4pm

Friday – 1pm-4pm

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