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Mickey Pliley    psychic reader and instructor


“Walk your life path with sacred awareness and be happy.” ~ Mickey

Mickey Pliley, psychic reader and channel, metaphysical instructor, art teacher, and college professor has earned degrees in Liberal Studies and English with minors in Psychology and Experiential Studies, and currently teaches for Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College.


Ms. Pliley has travelled throughout the United States, Europe, Great Britain, Canada, and Mexico in her quest to directly experience ancient cultures that walked Mother Earth. Through her metaphysical, creative, and academic work she often accesses the wisdom of the mystic Celts, Tibetan scrolls, Mayan pyramid civilizations, and Native America. As did many indigenous First Peoples of the past, Mickey feels we are all designed and destined to walk an intelligent and sacred life path— with purpose. She strongly believes one way to discover and augment your present life path is through personal guidance received from readings, instruction, and meditations.


  “I believe Divine Intuition is here to guide us on life’s journey, regardless which spiritual path, cosmology, or religion we follow. Readings often confirm what we intuit and reveal what we do not know. They can provide daily guidance, warn of danger, and point out opportunities unseen. We all need answers to the queries of life so that we make better decisions in completion of our life’s purpose.” ~ Mickey



Gain Self-mastery and Discover Happiness to Better Walk your Life Path

Mickey invites you to join her for readings, classes, events, and meditations.


Readings: As a professional intuitive reader, Mickey will lay out cards to access energy patterns and opportunities around you. She will connect with your guides and wisdom keepers, and even call upon her own Celtic and Kickapoo heritage to bring in caring messages to help reveal current choices before you.


Classes: The Celtic Wisdom Spiral: Myth, Magic, and Mistletoe Workshop, The Hathors of Egyptian Life Force Workshop, Druid Animal Oracle Card Workshop, Creating Spirit Art, Introductory Tarot, Painting Sacred Symbols, Release Your Inner Gypsy, Writing for Personal Joy, and Igniting Intuition!


Events: Afternoon Tea with Messages, Ancient Scribes (Ongoing Writers’ Group)


Meditations: Accessing the Divine Innate, Sitting around the Native Campfire, Sacred Circles and Stone, The Divine Feminine, and Manifest Now!


To book a reading, or attend a class, event, or meditation, call The Playful Soul at 317-253-0499.


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