Alyssa Brittain | Silver Siren Astrology & Tarot

I have studied astrology since 2001. My favorite part of astrology is getting to help others unlock their soul path, accept their challenges, embrace their positive characteristics and helping others get to know themselves on the soul level. My favorite part about using tarot is being able to connect with others by helping them understand their lives better by asking the tough questions about life, love and everything in between.

I would be honored to help you embrace your unique, authentic self and to get to know you more! We’re all on this path of life together. We are each divine beings, with unique gifts of love and light to offer the world.

Astrology Readings:

I will need your birth date as well as the time and location of your birth (please provide this information at the time of registration). From that information I am able to draw your birth chart. We then have a discussion starting with the basic Sun sign and move deeper into the chart viewing each planet – Moon thru Pluto. I also discuss the 12 houses in your chart as well their Ascendants.

I can also do synastry charts for you i.e. looking at a couples chart, mother/child, friends, etc.

For Tarot Readings:alyssa tarot 2

Sessions are collaborative – I begin by holding your hands to have a moment of silence in order to connect with you and ask my guides/deck to give you the message you need for your highest and greatest good. Then I start pulling cards, usually 3-5 but we can expound by pulling more cards if need be.
The readings are an open question base – Once you feel you’ve gotten an answer we move onto the next question, time permitting. I also always carry my angel deck if you wish to explore that.
The sessions can be recorded and I usually write out key points at the end for you to meditate and reflect back on.

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  • 30 minutes = 40.00
  • 60 minutes = 70.00

Tarot Readings

  • 30 minutes = 40.00
  • 45 minutes = 60.00
  • 60 minutes = 80.00


  • Friday‘s from 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • Saturday‘s from 12:00pm-6:00pm

Please contact the playful soul at 317.253.0499 to schedule a session with Alyssa!