From Fatigue to Fantabulous – Multidisciplinary Talk on Chronic Fatigue

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From Fatigue to Fantabulous – Multidisciplinary Talk on Chronic Fatigue

March 26th | 12:30-3pm | $5


Where is the Source of Stress in your universe?
Join a panel of various certified holistic healers this March as they present information on Chronic Fatigue, the way our body responds, and how to listen to your body for optimal health!
About the Facilitators:
Genie Goykhberg

A well-rounded healer, a teacher and a mentor, Genie Goykhberg is known for her gift of leading others to Self-Awareness Development.Genie’s passion is to help people to understand their unique talents and how their uniqueness can contribute to our society.

Her message to everyone is Know Thyself.

Master Science in Mechanical Engineering with minor in Physics, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Digestive Health Specialist and Certified Clinical Thermographer, her motto is:

“You are the Captain of your own Ship! Listen to your Body, understand your body’s communication and request for changes. Its your responsibility to manage your own Well-being!”

Her extensive education and experience in all walks of life make her and her company a highly valued resource in the community. Her love for assisting people and her magnetic personality assure a pleasurable and informative appointment.

Shawndra Miller
Shawndra Miller is an energy worker and writer whose work facilitates an expansive, grounded, peaceful state, making deep cellular restoration possible. She offers one-on-one energy work, classes, and collaborative events that connect people to a wider sense of what’s possible in their bodies, energies, lives, and the larger world. Certified in ThetaHealing, she came to energy work through her own path of healing from chronic illness. She found that the more she “lightened her load,” the healthier she felt—and the more her intuition opened. Eventually she was able to reduce and then stop all medications, with the support of her holistic physician. Now she tailors sessions to each client, blending ThetaHealing with other energetic and emotional clearing methods that she mastered during her decade of recovery. She blogs every week on community resilience and personal transformation at, and runs a Facebook group called A Transformative Space dedicated to uplifting and inspiring its members.
Maria Renner, MS, CMT Abalone Holistic Therapies, LLC

www.HealingWombs.comMaria is a professional practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques for Maya Abdominal Therapy® with an office in Broad Ripple. She offers gentle, hands on abdominal massage treatments that help decongest the pelvis and abdomen, alleviating digestive and reproductive symptoms. She works with clients to create customized health enhancing modalities for fertility enhancement, pre and post natal challenges, prostate issues, menstruation challenges, bladder conditions, digestive issues, muscle and joint pain, immune boosting, anxiety, headaches, and reproductive health as well as spiritual direction, emotional conditions, lifestyle assessment, cultural intelligence and coaching.

Maria is a graduate of Indiana University/Purdue University in Indianapolis with a degree in Biology. She went on to attend the School of Public & Environmental Affairs at Indiana University- Bloomington and hold two Master’s degrees. She graduated from Indiana Therapeutic Massage School (a 600 hour massage therapy certification) and is Indiana State Certified as a Massage Therapist. Maria has taken numerous advanced trainings in the areas of Herbalism, Folk Medicine & Traditional Healing Techniques. Over the years she have engaged in training adventures that led me to New Mexico, Texas, New Hampshire, Ohio, Belize, Mexico City, a pilgrimage to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and to the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel.


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