Discovering Your Hoop Flow | Starts March 11th

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Discovering Your Hoop Flow | Starts March 11th

This class is a fun full body workout with a meditation of rhythmic exploration and movement.

Discovering Your Hoop Flow is an all levels and all genders class. No per hula hoop experience or skills needed.
If you have experience and a hoop you will also enjoy the new connection you will find within your happy circle.

All supplies will be provided during class.

The class will begin with a kinetic warm up, including large muscle group movement and balance. Gradually we will increase the intensity of movement raising the heart rate. The push and contraction movement using the larger hoops create a greater resistance engaging all the core muscles while connecting to the ground this also ignites all muscle groups in the gluts and legs.

Discovering the natural rhythm of your movement through music and hoop that will create your flow.

We will be experimenting with hoops of all sizes and weights from the slow moving 38 inch water hoops to the ultra-light 18 inch polypro hoops. The music will vary from Zen to EDM finding what drives you with your mood, state of mind and needed releases in and outside you hoop.

Class is one hour from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm on Saturdays for 4 weeks. (Total of 4 classes)

Dates are: Saturday March 11, 18, 25 and April 1st

You can purchase one class at a time at $15. Per class or purchase all 4 at one time for $50, or as a special treat, for $65 you can come to all 4 classes, and go away with you own handmade brand new hoop!!

Hope to Hoop with you soon!

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