Friday Nights at The Playful Soul are “Connection Night”!

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Friday Nights at The Playful Soul are “Connection Night”!

Connection Night is a weekly opportunity for couples and individuals to learn about and deepen their trust, communication skills, and to enjoy each others company!

Every Friday night from 6:30-8PM at The Playful Soul.  Bring a friend, bring yourself!

The price is $15 for individuals and $25 a pair.

Call head or walk right in, to reserve your spot goto to register today.




Friday May 5th — Partners Thai Massage with Brandon Joe Rutten.  First Friday of Every Month.

Come explore the ancient healing art of Thai Yoga Massage. This fun floor-based practice is a reintroduction to your own body and many consider it like having a yoga class done to you. You’ll learn to relax while using your body weight and gravity to apply pressure with hands, elbows, feet, and knees. This clothed practice combines acupressure, energy line stimulation, and yoga-like stretching. We’ll cover basic practice techniques like mindset, bone stacking, fluid weight transfer, and positioning. Everyone will get to give and receive. No experience needed. Come solo or with a partner. Wear stretchy comfortable clothes, and bring a yoga mat or blanket and water.


Friday May 12th — Partners Acro Yoga lead with Ron Hopkins and Kimberly Hopkins-Hart. Second Friday of Every Month.

Acro Yoga blends the flexibility, mindfulness, and kindness of yoga with the dynamic strength and power of acrobatics. This workshop will allow you to experience your practice with a whole new relationship to gravity, trust and strength. Our acro yoga will also inspire growth in your practice of open, direct, and compassionate verbal communication as you are being led through fun and challenging poses with a partner. You will definitely have fun exploring the fundamentals of L-base Acro Yoga. Throughout, attention will be given to safety and also to cultivating a playful sense of humor! Absolutely no Acrobatic experience necessary and no partner is needed at sign-up. Please make sure to avoid wearing lotion or slick/slippery clothing.








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