“The world is like a library with each person a separate book. Each book contains a wondrous story and no two stories are the same. In my lifetime I wonder how many books I can open, how many books I can read and how many books I can love.”… Sally Huss

About Vicki

From the time I was a child I have always had a curiosity and a deep affection for humanity. I love people and their stories and I am fascinated by perspective. I believe this is a beautiful world but being human isn’t always beautiful. However, I believe each time we choose to throw our stone in the pond with love, we impact ourselves and countless beings positively; and vice versa. Working with individuals has been a lifelong passion of mine. Over the years as I have sought to understand this mystery through which we are all connected, I have had beautiful teachers, friends and loved ones who have helped me grow and expand my vision in ways I never could have imagined. The Playful Soul is the culmination of my dream to combine my healing work as an intuitive, energy worker and Angel Therapy Practitioner® with a magical place of community, growth, love, peace and hope. A gas station for the soul.